It's not that hard to come and study in Russia! KR-alliance will take over all the organizational bits from the moment of our first contact.

Leave a request to select a suitable Russian university

We have an extensive database of universities, including admission requirements, available majors and courses of study. This allows us to accurately determine your place in the program and guarantee your admission.


Admission to the University

We will do our best to help you successfully enrol at the Russian university of your choice.

Visa support

KR-alliance will help you get a student visa to come and study in the Russian Federation.

Health insurance online: apply in advance, use later

The insurance meets the universities' requirements. Apply for it in advance and choose the required start date yourself. Health insurance is compulsory for all foreign citizens for entering the country and for studying in Russia.

Translation of documents, certified by a Russian notary

Get a translation of documents into Russian language certified by a licensed notary in Russia. For the admission you will need the following documents translated: your passport, education certificates and medical documents.

Transfer from the airport &Support

Upon arrival to Russia, we greet our students and introduce them to the new environment, so that they are ready to learn. We accompany you throughout your stay in Russia and solve any problems that may arise.


One of our main areas of work is the onboarding of foreign students. Due to the specific ethnic and psychological characteristics, foreign students have to overcome a numerous barriers such as psychological, social, moral and religious. The KR-alliance team will help you cope with all of this difficulties.


Choose a specialty
Submit documents to the chosen university
Pass the competitive selection
Sign a contract with the university
Get an invitation and apply for a study visa
All done! Congratulations, you are a student now!



What to start from when you wish to enroll into a University in the Russian Federation?

First, choose one or several educational programs that suits you most. Then simply write to us, and KR – alliance team will find the best University for you, according to your chosen profile. We will also assist you in collecting and translating the necessary documents into Russian language. Also, our team will accompany you to entry examinations and would guide you through the process up until the contract with the University is signed.

How can I apply for a student visa?

Upon passing the entry exams successfully and signing an educational agreement with the University, we will prepare a set of documents for the migration department on your behalf. Also, we will make sure you receive an invitation.

Where will I live while studying at the university in Russia?

Many universities provide accommodation to their students. In case the University does not have any accommodation available, we help to find the optimal accommodation in proximity to your place of study.

Will someone greet me at the airport?

Yes, of course! We organize transfers from the airport to your accommodation.

Is it possible to work in the Russian Federation while studying?

The work permits were officially cancelled as of August 5th,2020.
However, some international students will be able to work without the permit only if three following conditions are met:

•    If there are studying full-time basis at a higher education organization
•    The major degree has a state accreditation
•    Work happens outside of the study hours

Can I complete the foundation year in one University and then apply for the bachelor’s degree in another University?

Yes, after completing a foundation year in one University, you can continue your studies in any other University in Russia.

Do I need a certificate of recognition of my previous education (nostrification) and how can I get it?

It depends on the country where you had received your previous education. Recognition procedure is held by the FGBU ‘Glavekspertcentre'. You can request it yourself or reach out to us and our specialists will swiftly prepare all the necessary documents for you.


Click on the photo and read the feedback

Abilay Iskakov, Kazakhstan

Hey!  I have always dreamed of moving to a metropolis and enrolling in an economic University.  This year I graduated from school, but did not go to University. I decided to give myself a year to prepare to go to the best University. Scrolling Instagram I saw a very beautiful Reels with Moscow, went to profile and realized that these guys can help me!  It seems like as a sign, I wrote them to direct, they consulted me, gave clear instructions, told what exams would await me in the summer.  Specialist Igor always politely answers all my questions. Hopefully in the summer of 2022 I will be able to enroll in the HSE

Khaled Mostafa, Egypt

Hi, I am Khaled Mostafa, I am a second year student at the Moscow Aviation Institute. I really enjoy studying here, I have find a lot of new friends. And in connection with COVID-19, I study most of the time in a distance format, from 1.5 years of study I spent about 8 months at home, next to my family, it is very comfortable and convenient for me that there is an opportunity to study in the format online!

Adriana Silva, Brazil

Hey! My name is Adriana Silva, I am 18 years old, I have traveled a lot with my parents around the world. Now my family and I live in Moscow, my dad works here. I graduated from school here and entered the medical faculty of the RUDN University. I really like the University, there are many guys from different countries: China, Africa, Iran, Palestine, and even from the USA study with me in the group. I study in English language but also practice Russian. Hopefully in 6 years I will be able to become a superb doctor! The manager of the KR company Tatyana helped me choose the University, answered all the questions, which I had a lot. She is always in touch and helps me in all my questions. Thanks!

Ahmed Reza, Iran

Hello everyone. My name is Ahmed Reza and I was asked to write an honest review about studying at the University in Russia. If you think that it is cold, dangerous and rude people in Russia, this is not so! Yes, the climate in Iran is certainly different, it is safe here and people are very polite and always ready to help. I am a student at the Oil and Gas Institute. I study in the English medium, in my group there are many guys from different countries. We became friends, created a chat on Whatsapp and help each other in every possible way. Also, if I have any difficulties or problems, I can always write to the KR manager in the chat, they always help me and answer my even the stupidest questions from a series of “how to get a bank card?”

Jan Mabaso, Ghana

Hi, my name is Jan Mabaso, I am 24 years old and this year I decided to go to Russia to become a doctor. Now I am studying at the preparatory faculty at the Tver State Medical University in order to enter the medical faculty next year. I already have a university degree from Ghana. But after graduating from it, I realized that my vocation is to be a doctor. And education in Russia is cheaper and better.

South Africa
 South Africa
Mahlangu Joseph, South Africa

My name is Mahlangu Joseph. This year I came to Russia to study Russian. I entered the preparatory faculty in Tula. We study Russian here, as well as biology and chemistry. Next year, I hope to enter the medical faculty here. I want to be an infectious disease specialist in the future. Life in Tula is cheaper than in Moscow. Education also costs less. So, I like everything here. People are friendly, but very few people understand English, it's even better for me to learn Russian!

Yu Lin, China

Hi everyone! My name is Yu Lin. This year I entered Russia at the Faculty of World Culture. I really like Russia, my grandmother was from Russia. Now I am a first year student<br />
St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture. Do you know what I'll tell you !? St. Petersburg is an amazing city that is most conducive to the study of culture. There are many beautiful historical sites and very cultured people.<br />
Thanks to the manager from the KR company for helping me find my place.<br />

Dhotre Rohan Anand, India

Hello everyone! My name is Dhotre Rohan Anand. I came to Russia to learn Russian language. Next year I want to go to the National Research University Higher School of Economics to study IT. Now I live in Tula, in a dormitory. I like to be here, there are a lot of students from my country. On weekends, we all go to Moscow for a walk together. By the way, it takes only 2 hours to go by train, which is very convenient.

Pavennia Binti Rosa, Malaysia

Hey! My name is Pavennia Binti Rosa. I came to study in Russia in September 2021. I want to be a plastic surgeon. I entered the Sechenov University. It is not easy to study, but I knew that the path to medicine would not be easy. Senior students say that starting from the 3rd year it will be easier and there will be more practice. I fell in love with Moscow, it is a very beautiful and modern city!